Documents of interest to the public

The documents listed below may be of interest to anyone who may need to understand certain activities of the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision. These documents were prepared by the Department to provide general information or guidance to assist regulated parties in complying with any statute, rule or other legal requirement.

Facility Directives

Listing of Directives containing general information about each Correctional Facility.

Release of Information to the News Media (Directive 0401)  105 KB

Sets forth the Department's policies on media access to information, facilities, employees and inmates.

Research Studies and Surveys (Directive 0403)  118 KB

Establishes the guidelines and procedures by which research is to be authorized and conducted, in accordance with the Department's policy to promote research in the field of corrections and to support professional studies involving Departmental operations, inmates, and staff.

Departmental Records (Directive 2010)  186 KB

Outlines responsibilities and procedures for access to and release of Department records, defined as any record, statistic or other information collected, obtained and maintained by the Department or its officers and employees acting in their official capacity, in accordance with the Freedom of Information Law.

Collection & Repayment of Inmate Advances & Obligations (Directive 2788)  241 KB

Establishes procedures for the collection and repayment of money due from inmates as a result of advances or obligations.

Sexual Abuse Prevention & Intervention Inmate-on-Inmate (Directive 4027A)  67 KB

Provides information concerning:

Sexual Abuse Prevention & Intervention Staff-on-Inmate (Directive 4028A)  70 KB

Provides information concerning:

Marriages During Confinement (Directive 4201)  105 KB

Outlines the responsibilities of the inmate and the intended spouse and the obligations of the Department to ensure that an intended marriage is legally acceptable.

Religious Programs and Practices (Directive 4202)  271 KB

Covers the religious rights and obligations of inmates and chaplains within New York State correctional facilities and outlines religious programs and practices within those facilities.

Notification of Death or Grave Illness of Offender Family Members (Directive 4206)  146 KB

Establishes policies and procedures for the timely notification to an inmate of grave illness or death of a family member.

Medical Parole (Directive 4304)  99 KB

Implements Executive Law, Section 259-r., "Release on Medical Parole," outlining specific responsibilities and functions of the Department.

Release of Special Needs Inmates (Directive 4305)  184 KB

Provides guidelines regarding the transfer of custody and transportation of inmates deemed in need of special arrangements upon release from DOCS due to mental illness, special needs, or sensorial disability.

Inmate Visitor Program (Directive 4403)  76 KB

Sets forth the policy and guidelines for uniform operation of the Inmate Visitor Program, which gives inmates opportunities for personal contact with friends and relatives; provides guidance for Department staff, inmates, and visitors to New York State correctional facilities.

Inmate Legal Visits (Directive 4404)  88 KB

Establishes the guidelines governing inmate legal visits within a facility or institution under the control of the Department.

Privileged Correspondence (Directive 4421)  115 KB

Establishes and details the policies and procedures governing privileged correspondence for all inmates.

Offender Correspondence Program (Directive 4422)  402 KB

Establishes and details the policies and procedures governing regular correspondence for all inmates.

Inmate Telephone Calls (Directive 4423)  213 KB

Sets forth the policy and procedures for operation of the inmate "Call Home" program.

Outside Hospital Admission Notification (Directive 4451)  115 KB

Establishes that whenever an inmate is admitted to an outside hospital, the inmate’s “emergency contact” will be notified consistent with HIPAA privacy regulations.

Law Libraries & Inmate Legal Assistance and Notary Public Services (Directive 4483)  57 KB

Establishes guidelines for the operation of facility Law Libraries and provision of legal assistance and notary public services to inmates.

Cultural and Language Access Services (Directive 4490)  247 KB

Defines the responsibility of the Division of Hispanic and Cultural Affairs as carrying out the Commissioner's mandate to improve communication between Hispanic inmates, as well as other monolinguals, and employees throughout the Department's correctional facilities and details Division functions and services.

Family Reunion Program (Directive 4500)  3,284 KB

Outlines the program that allows selected inmates and their families to meet for an extended period of time in privacy.

Media Review (Directive 4572)  139 KB

Outlines and details the Department’s policy to encourage inmates to read legitimate publications from varied sources and sets forth the Department’s authority to review such material to ensure that it does not encourage inmates to engage in behavior that might be disruptive to orderly facility operations.

Volunteer Services Program (Directive 4750)  159 KB

Establishes the Department's policies and procedures for the administration and supervision of the Volunteer Services Program.

Correctional Facility Tours (Directive 4755)  192 KB

Establishes the Department's policy and provides general guidelines for conducting guided tours of correctional facilities for citizens and community groups.

Youth Assistance Programs (Directive 4770)  112 KB

States the Department's strong support of and establishes guidelines for Youth Assistance Programs, which originated with inmates who desired to communicate with young people in nearby communities about the consequences of criminal behavior, thus assisting in community crime prevention efforts.

Merit Time (Directive 4790)  58 KB

Sets forth the policy and procedures for granting and withholding merit time allowances. Inmates serving sentences for certain non-violent crimes may receive merit time reductions to their sentences provided they have achieved certain significant programmatic objectives, have not committed any serious disciplinary infractions and have not filed any frivolous lawsuits.

Presumptive Release (Directive 4791)  64 KB

Sets forth the policies and procedures governing the program for nonviolent inmates whereby eligible inmates who satisfy all statutory, program and disciplinary criteria may be released to parole supervision without the necessity of a personal appearance before, and a grant of parole by, the Board of Parole.

Offender Program Placement (Directive 4803)  130 KB

Establishes standard guidelines for programming inmates and the basic responsibilities of each facility Program Committee Chairperson in that individual's capacity as head of the facility’s Inmate Program Committee.

Academic Education Program Policies (Directive 4804)  198 KB

Establishes the Department's policy and accompanying procedures to implement a stated ninth grade level programming requirement for inmates and to encourage inmate attainment of a high school diploma or equivalency.

Special Education Services (Directive 4805)  143 KB

Establishes the Department's policy and accompanying procedures to ensure that students with a disability will be provided access to a free appropriate public education while incarcerated in an adult correctional facility.

Vocational Education (Directive 4806)  160 KB

Establishes the Department's policy and accompanying procedures to implement employment skills training of inmates and to encourage their completion of training and pursuit of an apprenticeship, where available.

Packages & Articles Sent or Brought to Facilities (Directive 4911)  297 KB

Establishes the Department’s policy and accompanying procedures governing packages and articles sent or brought to facilities and received through each facility’s package room.

Inmate Property (Directive 4913)  125 KB

Establishes the Department's policy and accompanying procedures to limit accumulations of inmates’ personal property to protect the health and safety of inmates and employees alike.

Inmate Grooming Standards (Directive 4914)  136 KB

Establishes basic grooming standards (including criteria for beards, mustaches, and length of hair) for inmates.

Inmate Television Sets (Directive 4921)  123 KB

Outlines the Department’s policy and accompanying procedures governing the acquisition, use, and disposition of inmate television sets.

Outsiders Visiting or Applying to Visit Facilities (Directive 4935)  63 KB

Sets forth rules that apply to visits to facilities by persons not employed by the Department.

Urinalysis Testing (Directive 4937)  181 KB

Outlines the procedures to be followed by each facility in the administration of inmate urinalysis testing to verify whether or not an inmate has used drugs and/or alcohol.

Contraband Drug Testing (Directive 4938)  155 KB

Outlines the procedures to be followed by each facility in the testing of suspected contraband drugs.

Information Concerning Executive Clemency (Directive 6901)  357 KB

Provides guidance to superintendents and facility staff in responding to requests for Executive Clemency Reports.

Transfer of Foreign Nationals (Directive 6902)  131 KB

Establishes a uniform procedure for voluntary transfer of incarcerated foreign nationals to home countries under treaty arrangements with the U.S. Government and in accordance with New York State Correction Law.

Criminal Prosecution of Inmates (Directive 6910)  139 KB

Outlines the Department’s Criminal Prosecution initiative to provide a coordinated approach to criminal prosecution of inmates who commit penal law violations during incarceration and establishes protocols to advance the facilitation of such prosecution.

Division of Industries - Corcraft (Directive 6922)  125 KB

Defines the responsibilities, functions and locations of the Division of Correctional Industries Program. Corcraft manufactures articles and goods utilizing inmate labor, and, by law, can sell only to public entities and charitable organizations.

Notice of Right to Vote Upon Maximum Expiration or Discharge of Sentence (Directive 9205)  153 KB

To instruct staff on the legal requirement to advise releasees of their right to vote upon reaching the maximum expiration of their sentences or the termination of their sentences pursuant to Executive Law § 259-j.

Supervision of Domestic Violence Offenders (Directive 9401)  268 KB

It is the policy of the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision (DOCCS) to provide the most effective supervision of parolees, in order to protect the community, reduce further victimization, decrease the opportunities for domestic violence incidents to occur, and facilitate the successful re-entry of parolees released to community supervision. This directive provides guidance to staff regarding community preparation planning and the supervision of individuals identified as domestic violence offenders and it provides directions and procedures regarding the identification, classification, and development of individualized case plans for inmate/parolees with domestic violence history/allegations. This directive also provides guidance in employing available supervision strategies in order to protect the community, reduce further victimization, decrease the opportunities for domestic violence incidents to occur, and to facilitate successful re-entry.

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