Department of Corrections and Community Supervision

Rules & Regulations

Inmate Personal Property Claims (Sections 1700.5 (d)(2) & 1700.10 of 7 NYCRR)

Date filed with the Department of State (DOS): 11/10/2010

DOS #: COR 45-10-00001

Date adopted: 2/16/2011

Description: To update the current oversight for DOCS Office of Inmate Claims and change the reporting period.


The department of correctional services proposes to make the following amendments to 7 NYCRR 1700:

Amend Section 1700.5 (d) (2) as follows:

(2) Claims over $1,000. All claims approved for over $1,000 must be reviewed and approved in sequence by the Superintendent, Division of [Program Services] Budget and Finance (Office of Inmate Accounts) and the Attorney General (AG). Upon final approval, the facility will process a voucher to the Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) for payment.

Amend Section 1700.10 as follows:

Facilities are required to provide annual [quarterly ]reports of inmate property claims to the Division of [Program Services] Budget and Finance, Office of Inmate Accounts. The annual [quarterly ]reports will [(]reflect[ing] the period[s] of April 1st [through June 30th, July 1st through September 30th, October 1st through December 31st, and January 1st] through March 31st [) will be cumulative] and will be due on the 15th of April [the month following] each year [quarter]. Reports shall include: inmate names and numbers; short descriptions of their losses; the dates of those losses; the amounts of the settlements; and claim approval dates.

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