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Clarification of Eligibility for Stamp Buys by Inmates Admitted to Special Housing Units (Section 720.8 (a) (5) of 7 NYCRR)

Date filed with the Department of State (DOS): 2/11/2009

DOS #: COR 09-09-00001

Date adopted: 6/03/2009

Description: To clarify the stamp buy procedure for inmates admitted to a Special Housing Unit by modifying language that could have been interpreted to be more restrictive to SHU inmates than was intended.


The Department of Correctional Services amends 7NYCRR, section 720.8(a)(5) as indicated below:

(5) An inmate who has lost commissary privileges[, including one who has been admitted to a SHU,] shall be able to make a monthly "stamp buy'' of up to 50 domestic first class stamps for one ounce letters. This special buy shall be offered within 72 hours of the imposition of the penalty and every 30 days thereafter. Inmates who have been admitted to a Special Housing Unit shall be offered a “stamp buy” within 72 hours of admission and every 30 days thereafter.

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