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Repeal of Provisions Pertaining to Inmates Under Death Sentences and to the Electric Chair from Interviews and Tours. (Section 51.19 of 7 NYCRR)

Date filed with the Department of State (DOS): 1/06/2009

DOS #: COR 03-09-00009

Date adopted: 4/08/2009

Description: To repeal and reserve the references to inmates under sentence of death and to the electric chair from the regulation consistent with the New York State Court of Appeals decision rendering the State's death penalty inoperable.


The Department of Correctional Services repeals and reserves section 51.19 of Title 7 NYCRR.

[Inmates under sentence of death and their occupied cell areas are excluded from interviews and tours under section 491 of the Code of Criminal Procedure which allows only specified visitors without an order from the courts. Tours of the room containing the electric chair, and photos of the “chair” will be permitted. No photographs shall be taken of an execution.]

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