Department of Corrections and Community Supervision

Rules & Regulations

Designated Officials of State Correctional Facilities (Section 50.1 of 7 NYCRR)

Date filed with the Department of State (DOS): 10/8/2008

DOS #: COR 44-08-00003

Date adopted: 1/21/2009

Description: To update the listing of designated officials in section 50.1 of 7 NYCRR for purposes of Criminal Procedure Law.


The Department of Correctional Services repeals and reserves sections 50.1 (e),(q),(w) and (cc) of 7NYCRR. Additionally, section 50.1(i) is amended as indicated below and section 50.1(n) is added as indicated below.

Section 50.1.Definition.
For the purposes of Criminal Procedure Law, section 1.20, subdivision 33, and section 2.10, subdivision 25, the following are hereby designated as officials of State correctional facilities:
(a) the commissioner;
(b) executive deputy commissioner;
(c) deputy commissioner;
(d) associate commissioner;
(e) [assistant deputy commissioner;] Reserved
(f) assistant commissioner;
(g) superintendents;
(h) deputy superintendents;
(i) chief of[correction audit] investigations;
(j) correctional services investigators;
(k) correction captains;
(l) correction lieutenants;
(m) correction sergeants;
(n) assistant chief of investigations;
(o) assistant deputy superintendents;
(p) community correction center assistants;
(q) [assistant directors of community correctional centers;] Reserved
(r) facility operations specialists;
(s) [Reserved]
(t) coordinator, correctional services employee investigations;
(u) employee investigators;
(v) senior employee investigators;
(w) [project coordinators of community contract facility programs;] Reserved
(x) correction officers assigned to a training academy in the department or the central office of the department;
(y) the director of the Correction Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T.);
(z) first deputy superintendent;
(aa) director and assistant director of special housing and inmate disciplinary procedures;
(bb) institution safety officers;
(cc) [confidential assistant;] Reserved
(dd) correctional security technical services specialist;
(ee) director of human resources management;
(ff) correctional services internal auditor V;
(gg) director and assistant director of the crisis intervention unit;
(hh) executive assistant to the commissioner; and
(ii) fire/safety coordinator.

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