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Procedure for Stay of Good Behavior Allowance (Section 263.2(a)(3) of 7 NYCRR)

Date filed with the Department of State (DOS): 6/11/2008

DOS #: COR 24-08-00001

Date adopted: 8/20/2008

Description: To discontinue an unnecessary automatic review by the commissioner or his designee of disciplinary sanctions against inmates who have already lost all available good time and whose release date therefore cannot be impacted by any additional loss of good time.


Section 263.2(a)(3) of 7 NYCRR is hereby amended as follows:

§ 263.2 Procedure for stay of good behavior allowance.
(3) Where the disposition does involve loss of good behavior allowance, and the inmate has an approved conditional release date earlier than his or her maximum expiration date, the disposition shall automatically be reviewed by the commissioner or his designee.

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