Department of Corrections and Community Supervision

Rules & Regulations

Central Monitoring Case Designation Status (Part 1000 of 7 NYCRR)

Date filed with the Department of State (DOS): 1/30/2008

DOS #: COR-05-08-00001

Date adopted: 4/09/2008

Description: To expeditiously promulgate central monitoring case review, identification and appeal procedures as necessary and in the best interest of public safety.


Part 1000 is hereby REPEALED and the following is promulgated as the new Part 1000:

§ 1000.1 Purpose

To ensure that any inmate identified as a Central Monitoring Case (CMC) is reviewed and approved by Central Office staff prior to transfer to another facility or assignment to any program of temporary release or in connection with consideration for release pursuant to Articles 24 and 26 of the New York State Correction Law.

§ 1000.2 Description

Certain inmates, because of the nature of their crime, status or behavior, require special evaluation and tracking of their movement through the correctional system. The (CMC) process is a comprehensive internal management system that provides a discretionary means for the Department to identify certain inmates for special evaluation and tracking purposes based upon a standardized set of criteria and identification procedures.

§ 1000.3 Procedure

(a) The Department shall adopt internal procedures for the classification, tracking and movement of inmates designated as Central Monitoring Cases. Such procedures shall describe:

(1) the classification process, which shall include:
(i) identification of qualifying inmates, (ii) designation criteria,
(iii) referral for designation,
(iv) designation, and
(v) review procedures;
(2) a mechanism by which an inmate who is classified CMC may appeal such classification;
(3) criteria and procedures for inmate transfer and movement;
(4) temporary release, earned eligibility, and merit time evaluations.

(b) The Department shall publish the aforementioned internal procedures as Directive 0701, “Central Monitoring Cases.”

§ 1000.4 Policy

In accordance with Correction Law §112, the Commissioner reserves the right to expeditiously revise and/or amend CMC procedures as deemed necessary in the best interests of public safety, and the safe, secure, and orderly operation of all department correctional facilities.

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