Department of Corrections and Community Supervision

Temporary Release




These programs allow inmates who are within two years of their earliest release date to become reintegrated back into their families and communities on a gradual basis. There are several ways to do this:


Admission Requirements

The Temporary Release Program Rules and Regulations details the eligibility criteria and procedures required for approval for any Temporary Release Program.

The Temporary Release Chairperson or Offender Rehabilitation Counselor (ORC) is the facility contact person who is designated to assist staff and inmates in the utilization of Temporary Release Programs.

Inmates who are eligible can submit an application to the Temporary Release Chairperson or Offender Rehabilitation Counselor (ORC) at their facility. After a review of the individual's record and an interview, the inmate will be notified in writing if he/she qualifies for an appearance before the Temporary Release Committee (TRC).

If an inmate is approved by the TRC, the application must be submitted to the Superintendent. All cases must be sent to Central Office for final approval. Those inmates who are denied may appeal most decisions to the Director of Temporary Release Programs in Central Office.


All facilities.

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