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Hank Morris Denied Release by the Board of Parole
Third appearance scheduled for August, 2013

HUDSON – Hank Morris, an inmate at the Hudson Correctional Facility in Hudson, New York (Columbia County), was denied release a second time by the New York State Board of Parole following his November 14, 2012 appearance. Morris was ordered held for an additional nine months and will appear before the Board of Parole in August, 2013. A copy of the November Parole Board decision  is attached.

Inmate Morris is 59-years old and is serving a 1-1/3-to-4-year sentence out of New York County for Fraud in the Sale of Securities. He was received into the NYS Department of Corrections and Community Supervision on March 1, 2011 with an earliest release date of June 18, 2012, a conditional release date of October 18, 2013, and a maximum expiration date of February 18, 2015. His first appearance before the Board of Parole in February, 2012 resulted in a denial and a copy of the February, 2012 Parole Board transcript is attached. (The November 14, 2012 Parole Board transcript will be e-mailed when available during the week of November 19, 2012).

Morris has served his incarceration in Protective Custody Units at Mid-State (3/11/11-3/28/11), Oneida (3/29/11-8/15/11), and Hudson (8/16/11-present). He has no misbehavior incidents on file.