Department of Corrections and Community Supervision

Press release and photos on the 2001 DOCS Memorial Service and Medals Ceremony

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The story of this year's ceremony in words ...

  • Press release on the 2001 DOCS Memorial Service and Medals Ceremony.
  • Remarks delivered by DOCS Commissioner Glenn S. Goord.
  • Proclamation designating June 3-9 as Correctional Services Employees Week in New York state.  99 KB
  • Letter of commendation to Medal of Merit recipient Green Haven CO Gary L. Mitchetti.  120 KB
  • Letter of commendation to Medal of Merit recipient Arthur Kill CO Thomas R. Cassidy.  119 KB
  • Letter of commendation to Medal of Honor recipient Green Haven CO Glen H. Williams.  121 KB

... and in pictures

Joseph Weitekamp

Joseph Weitekamp, whose name was today added to the memorial list of DOCS employees who died in the line of duty, shows off his Clinton uniform in this photo made around 1920.

Thomas R. Cassidy

Commissioner Goord shakes hands with 2001 Medal of Merit recipient Correction Officer Thomas R. Cassidy.

Gary L. Mitchetti

Commissioner Goord presents the Medal of Merit to Correction Officer Gary L. Mitchetti.

Glen H. Williams

Commissioner Goord embraces Correction Officer Glen H. Williams after presenting him with the Department's Medal of Honor.

Honoree Salute

The three 2001 Medal recipients salute the wreath that they just placed in front of the Department's memorial in honor of the 33 DOCS employees who have died in the line of duty.

Joseph Weitekamp

Commissioner Goord looks over historical photos with Joseph Weitekamp, whose grandfather died after trying to put out a fire in the tailor shop at Clinton in 1922. The name of Joseph Weitekamp was added to the list of DOCS employees honored by this Department for giving their lives in the performance of their duties.

Goord standing with medal recipients

Commissioner Goord stands with, from left, Medal of Honor recipient Glen H. Williams, Medal of Merit recipient Gary L. Mitchetti and Medal of Merit recipient Thomas R. Cassidy.

Ceremony overview

A view from above the Department's 2001 Memorial Service and Medals Ceremony.

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