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Wednesday, September 5, 2001

Two Coxsackie employees, inmate injured by inmate armed with metal rod

A Sergeant, Correction Officer and inmate at the Coxsackie Correctional Facility were injured this morning by a second inmate who was brandishing an 11-inch-long sharpened metal rod.

All three were transported by state van to Albany Medical Center for treatment of their injuries, which are not considered life-threatening. The inmate suffered a laceration to his left eye and scalp, the Sergeant sustained a small puncture wound to his right arm and the Officer suffered a possible dislocated shoulder.

The weapon has been recovered. It is believed to have been fashioned from an old metal mop ringer. The Division of State Police is reviewing the incident to determine if criminal action is warranted against the attacking inmate. That inmate, Robert Jackson, was treated at the facility's infirmary for a laceration on his right palm. He is being held in Special Housing Unit (SHU) status, meaning 23-hour-a-day lock-down confinement.

"This Department will not tolerate any assault on staff or others by any inmate at any time," said DOCS Commissioner Glenn S. Goord. "Inmates who use weapons can be assured that they will face appropriate internal disciplinary sanctions as well as appropriate criminal charges and additional prison time."

The incident occurred at 9:13 a.m. as inmates were walking down a corridor from their cellblock to the outside recreation yard. Staff observed Jackson stabbing inmate Christian Martinez with the metal rod. As Sgt. Jeff Haines moved to quell the disturbance by grabbing Martinez from behind and pulling him away from Jackson, Jackson continued swinging the shank at Martinez and struck the Sergeant on his right arm. The inmate was then subdued by additional staff and it was during that time that CO Stephen Murdza injured his shoulder.

Jackson, 31, is serving a 7½-to-15-year term for a 1995 first-degree assault conviction out of New York County. He was received into the state prison system on Sept. 27, 1995, and has been an inmate at Coxsackie since April 24, 2001. Jackson is eligible for parole in December. He has a conditional release date of April 3, 2005, and his maximum term expires Aug. 30, 2010.

Jackson has served two prior state prison terms. In 1993, he received a 1½ -to-3-year term for a fourth-degree grand larceny conviction out of New York County and in 1988 he was sentenced to a 1½ -to-4½-year term for a first-degree attempted robbery conviction out of Manhattan.

Jackson has had a poor disciplinary record during his current term, being cited for numerous infractions including possession of weapons, assaults on inmates, fighting, drug use and drug possession. Inmate Jackson faces nearly two years loss of good time as a result.

Martinez, 21, is serving a 10-to-20-year term for a 1999 first-degree manslaughter conviction out of Manhattan. He has been an inmate at Coxsackie since July 28, 1999. Martinez is not eligible for parole until 2007. He has a conditional release date of Nov. 10, 2010, and his maximum term expires July 10, 2017.