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Friday, October 10, 1997

Franklin Correctional Facility locked down to permit search for contraband

MALONE - Franklin Correctional Facility was locked down Thursday night to allow Correction Officers to conduct a facility-wide frisk for contraband.

The lockdown was ordered following a fight between approximately 60 inmates that occurred at 5:25 p.m. Thursday in the recreation yard. There were 237 inmates in the yard at the time. Two inmates sustained minor injuries and were treated at the facility's infirmary. One of the eight Correction Officers in the yard at the time of the incident was kicked in the leg by an inmate, but remained on duty. There were no other injuries to staff or inmates.

Correction Officers recovered two shanks from the scene of the incident. One was recovered from the yard. The second shank was found on one of the 237 inmates who was in the yard at the time of the fight. He and all of the inmates who were in the yard were searched for weapons as they were being escorted from the yard back to their housing units.

The cause of the Thursday fight is under investigation.

There also was a fight among three Franklin inmates at 1:30 a.m. today in a housing unit. Two of the inmates were treated at the facility's infirmary for superficial cuts. The third inmate was transported by state vehicle to Alice Hyde Memorial Hospital for treatment of cuts to his head and back. He since has returned to Franklin and is being housed in the facility's infirmary. A Correction Officer was bitten on his thumb while breaking up the fight and was sent to Alice Hyde Memorial Hospital for a tetanus shot.

Officers recovered a 5-inch shank from the scene of the incident and a can top from one of the three inmates involved in the fight. The cause of this morning's incident also is under investigation. Officials do not believe that the Thursday fight and today's incident are related.

The lockdown is expected to last until Sunday. It means all 1,728 inmates at Franklin are confined to their housing units while officers search individual cubicles and common areas for contraband. Inmates are being escorted to the mess hall for meals but all programming, recreational and other activities are suspended. Inmates also can be escorted by staff for medical appointments and authorized visits.

There has never been a lockdown at Franklin, a medium-security prison in Franklin County that opened in 1986.