NYS Department of Corrections and Community Supervision 

Department of Corrections and Community Supervision

Medal of Honor citation for:
Green Haven Correction Officer Stanley E. Phillips

You were in only your ninth week of service as a Correction Officer on April 14, 2004. You were posted at the door to G Block in Green Haven Correctional Facility.

Your fellow Correction Officer Matthew Miller was nearby. He was signing passes for inmates going on call-outs at about 12:30 p.m. An inmate exited a cell and threw a can of hot oil into Officer Miller's face. He then began stabbing Officer Miller with a 9�-inch homemade knife.

Without regard for your own safety, you immediately grabbed the armed inmate by his upper chest and right wrist. You were fighting to pull him away from Officer Miller and stop his vicious attack on another Officer.

You maintained your control of the inmate as he struggled to continue his assaultive behavior. A responding staff member was able to pry the knife-like weapon from the inmate's hand. The inmate was then subdued and controlled.

Without your immediate action, Officer Miller would have sustained far more severe injuries than the burns he sustained to the left side of his head and the puncture wounds to his back and arm.

Officer Phillips, you disregarded your own safety and displayed courage and bravery in placing yourself in harm's way to protect a fellow Officer.

Age: 37
Date entered state service: 12-08-03
Date at current facility: 03-04-04

Medal of Merit citation for:
Downstate Correction Officer Alejandro C. Martinez

You were off-duty on November 27, 2004, and traveling on the Palisades Interstate Parkway in Rockland County.

You observed a vehicle off the roadway and on fire down an embankment.

You and another motorist pulled to the side of the road, went down the embankment and tried to extricate the driver, the sole occupant of the vehicle. You were the first rescuers on the scene and placed a 911 call for assistance.

The Clarkstown Police Department and the New York City Fire Department responded immediately. With them, you and the other Good Samaritan were able to break a window in the car. You doused the flames growing around the motorist's lower body. You helped extricate him from the vehicle - shortly before it became engulfed in flames.

Clarkstown Police Department officials stated that your actions contributed to saving the driver's life.

Officer Martinez, you showed courage and bravery when you placed yourself in harm's way to save this motorist's life.

Age: 48
Date entered state service: 01-09-89
Date at current facility: 06-01-89

Medal of Honor citation for:
Attica Correction Officer Jeffrey A. Miller

You were among the Officers guarding 21 inmates as they were exiting 1-Company in A Block at Attica Correctional Facility on July 29, 2004.

One of those inmates carried a 7�-inch long sharpened metal rod in his right hand. Showing his premeditation, the inmate had already secured a piece of cloth from the weapon and around his right forearm. That was to reduce chances of losing his weapon in the attack that he had planned.

As he left 1-Company, the inmate suddenly attacked Correction Officer Neil Buth, stabbing him five times. Officer Joseph Cianci tried to stop the attack, striking the inmate 10 times with his baton.

The inmate continued to stab and attack staff, even after several additional staff arrived and attempted to take control of and disarm the violent inmate.

You intervened and forced the inmate's back against a wall. Even as the inmate reached over your shoulder and stabbed you four times in the back, you continued to pin the inmate against the wall.

Your bravery and determination provided your fellow Officers with the opportunity to finally tear the cloth lanyard and take control of the weapon and then the inmate.

Subsequent investigation would determine that the inmate, serving a sentence of 92-years-to-life for murder, decided he had nothing to lose by attacking staff.

Officer Miller, you showed courage and bravery in stepping into harm's way to stop an attack on a fellow Officer.

Age: 36
Date entered state service: 07-03-95
Date at current facility: 03-26-98

Medal of Honor citation for:
Franklin Correction Officer Christopher M. Paiser

You became the third generation of your family to join the ranks of New York's Correction Officers when you entered the Training Academy on March 4, 1996.

You were not content to limit your service to just the people of New York State. Even before joining this Department, you pledged to defend our Nation when you enlisted 17 years ago in the Army National Guard.

You have risen to the rank of Sergeant in Company B of the 2nd Battalion, 108th Infantry Regiment, based in Morrisonville.

On January 31, 2004, your National Guard unit was called up for what would be your third military deployment.

Your unit was sent to Iraq in early 2004.

You were on duty on June 16, 2004, at Camp Anaconda when insurgents launched a mortar attack on your location.

During the attack, shrapnel entered your right eye and lodged behind the left.

You stood proud last August 6 when the Adjutant General of New York and the 27th Brigade Commander presented you and three fellow soldiers with the Purple Heart. The ceremony was hosted by Governor Pataki during the inauguration of the state's new Purple Heart memorial at Albany's Empire State Plaza.

CO Paiser, your bravery in defense of our Nation humbles all of us here today. The valiant manner in which you and your family are addressing your injuries is a profile in courage.

Our prayers are with you and your fellow soldiers - those who stand in harm's way to defend our freedoms and those of others around the world.

Age: 35
Date entered state service: 03-04-96
Date at current facility: 05-20-99

Medal of Merit citation for:
Great Meadow Commissary Clerk Larry Foote

You were carpooling to work the morning of March 3, 2004, when you saw flames through the second-story window of a residence in Whitehall.

Your vehicle had hardly been parked when you rushed to the house as flames blew out a couple of second-story windows.

When no one responded to your knocks and shouts, you entered through the unlocked door and headed up the smoke-filled stairs.

In a bedroom, you found a couple asleep. Neither the noise of the smoke alarm or the fumes from the smoke flowing from the adjacent living room fire had awakened them.

You awakened them and assisted both of them down the stairs and out of the building to safety.

Their apartment was destroyed and the first-floor residence sustained extensive damage.

The lady you rescued said that had you arrived a minute later, she feared both she and her boyfriend would have died.

Mr. Foote, you displayed bravery and courage in willingly placing yourself in harm's way to rescue this couple and save their lives.

Age: 59
Date entered state service: 02-27-97
Date at current facility: 02-27-97