Department of Corrections and Community Supervision

Security Services

4910Control of & Search for Contraband 240 KB
4910AContraband/Evidence - Handling, Storage, and Disposition 237 KB
4911Packages & Articles Sent or Brought to Facilities 444 KB
4912Maintenance of Living Quarters 117 KB
4913Inmate Property 147 KB
4914Inmate Grooming Standards 156 KB
4917Transferring Inmate Property 188 KB
4920Inmate Radios, Tape Players and Radio/Tape Player Combinations 121 KB
4921Inmate Television Sets 118 KB
4932Chapter V, Standards Behavior & Allowances 315 KB
4932AStandards of Adolescent Offender Behavior & Allowances 276 KB
4933Special Housing Units 403 KB
4933AJoint Case Management Committees 179 KB
4933BSpecial Housing Management Committees 126 KB
4933CAdolescent Offender Separation Unit AOSU 293 KB
4934Inmate Property-Temporary Storage of Personal Belongings 120 KB
4935Outsiders Visiting or Applying to Visit Facilities  127 KB
4937Urinalysis Testing 225 KB
4938Contraband Drug Testing 301 KB
4939Inmate Exposure Control 128 KB
4947Special Housing Reports 115 KB
4948Protective Custody Status 140 KB

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