Department of Corrections and Community Supervision

Community Supervision

8250 Drug Law Reform (DLR) Release Preparation Procedures for Resentenced Offenders  179 KB
8305 Sexual Assault Reform Act (SARA) Mandatory Condition  827 KB
8341 Consent to Release of Information Concerning Chemical Dependence Treatment 146 KB
8360 Appeal Process – Board of Parole Decisions and Parole/Post-Release Supervision Revocation Decisions 188 KB
8370 Offender Requests for Copies of Presentence Reports  127 KB
8400 Certificates of Relief from Disabilities Pre-release  184 KB
8500 COMPAS Assessments/Case Plan  150 KB
8600 Board of Parole  118 KB
9000 Community Supervision  139 KB
9030 COMPAS Case Supervision Review  353 KB
9200 Local Conditional Release (LCR)  245 KB
9203 Post Transfer Supervision  84 KB
9205 Notice of Right to Vote Upon Maximum Expiration or Discharge of Sentence 153 KB
9207 Out of State Travel for Strict and Intensive Supervision and Treatment (SIST) Cases 123 KB
9219 Strict and Intensive Supervision and Treatment (SIST) Arrival Report and Initial Interview 346 KB
9221 Merit Termination of Sentence and Discharge from Presumptive Release, Parole, Conditional Release, and Post-Release Supervision (PRS) 284 KB
9222 Emergency Housing – Community Supervision  184 KB
9401 Supervision of Domestic Violence Offenders  201 KB
9402 Parole Grievance Program  133 KB
9601 Parental Contact Protocol 204 KB

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