Department of Corrections and Community Supervision

Budget and Finance

2700Functions of the Division of Budget and Finance 252 KB
2701Preparing the Payroll 137 KB
2702Preparing Payroll Deductions 115 KB
2713Overtime/Holiday Compensation 127 KB
2724Travel Voucher Preparation 353 KB
2725 Reimbursement of Travel Expenses for Transfer of Inmates 140 KB
2726Reimbursement of Travel Expense for Transfer of Prisoners 115 KB
2727Reimbursement of Salary Expense for Transfer of Prisoners 109 KB
2728 Reimbursement of Moving Expenses for Transferred/New Employees 145 KB
2729Reimbursement of Overtime Meals 115 KB
2731Inmate Travel Ticket 111 KB
2733Inmate Personal Property Claim 159 KB
2734Employee Personal Property Claim 215 KB
2740Signature Forms - OSC 112 KB
2770Vending Machine Contracts 137 KB
2771Inmate Occupational Therapy Fund 126 KB
2780Solicitation of Funds 197 KB
2782Grant Processing/Monitoring 115 KB
2783 Funds Received as Grants and Bequests 110 KB
2788Collection & Repayment of Inmate Advances & Obligations 258 KB
2791 Lost & Found/Abandoned Property 123 KB
2794Reporting Losses 117 KB
2798 Inmate Accounts 187 KB

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