Department of Corrections and Community Supervision

Remarks by Commissioner Brian Fischer
Donna Payant 30th Anniversary Memorial Ceremony
Green Haven Correctional Facility
May 16, 2011

We seem to be living in a time of unanswered questions and problems often beyond our ability to control. Everyday we go to work hoping that things will work themselves out, yet quietly wondering to ourselves, what else could go wrong.

We all work in an ever increasing complex organization. Care, custody and control have been expanded to include treatment, re-entry preparations and community supervision.

While on the one hand our system is growing smaller, our responsibilities are growing larger.

I mention all this this morning, when we’re here to pay respect to a fallen colleague, Donna Payant, because today’s event helps to keep things in perspective.

Each of us has to face our issues. Sometimes we have to do it alone, other times with help from others.

Today’s event reminds us of both our personal vulnerabilities and our collective concerns. It also reminds us that we need to watch each other’s back at all times, regardless of outside pressures.

As we end this ceremony, it is my hope that we don’t forget its meaning and our need to do what is right by each other and continue to provide the level of service that our profession demands.

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